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Covid-19 Outbreak – SH&P Response

The global coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) is having an impact on us all to a certain degree. SH&P is committed to maintaining the health and welfare of its staff and to minimising any disruption of our services. The UK Government moved from a state of containment to one of delay and we are now in the midst of a “lockdown”. The Government’s official approach and guidance to individuals and businesses will evolve rapidly over the coming weeks. SH&P will continue to follow this advice and we have also taken our own measures to mitigate the effect of the virus on our staff and clients alike.

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Month: September 2015

Fitbit and Jawbone take Steps over Patent Dispute

In a young, growing and potentially very lucrative market, patents, design rights and reputation matter.  Two of the best-known names in the wearable activity tracking device market, Jawbone and Fitbit, are currently battling each other over allegations of poaching staff, industrial espionage and patent infringement. Both companies have a loyal user following and have been concentrating on establishing and protecting their businesses by filing for patent and design rights, whilst jealously guarding their technological and strategy planning secrets. Jawbone accuses…

Canadian Company Invents Space Elevator

A Canadian technology company has been granted a US patent for an innovative system of sending people and equipment into space, making the whole process of getting into space much more efficient and potentially safer. Thoth Technology has designed a ‘space elevator’ which reaches 12.4 miles into the sky, allowing the top to sit in the stratosphere.  From here, rockets could be launched in a single-stage process; and even return to the tower for refuelling. Inflatable Components A fully functioning…

Sinclair Seeks Crowdfunding for A-Bike Electric

Crowdfunding has proved to be an imaginative and often lucrative way for inventors and start-up businesses to raise money to fund the prototyping, production and sale of new products.  The inventor Sir Clive Sinclair has recently seen great success in raising money to update his iconic ZX Spectrum computer, and is now back with funding website Kickstarter to see if he can do the same for the A-Bike Electric. Commuter-led Invention The A-Bike Electric is not quite a new kid…

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